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                    Once again, here are four investment strategies that you would be wise to know about:

               1. "Storm Warning Ahead - and the Ideal Investment that will best profit from it."

               2. "The Best Investment Strategy I've Seen in 30 Years."

               3.  Sweet Chariot:  "How to Make High Returns in Real Estate - Without Tenants and Toilets."


               4.  "Dare To Be Great Investment Strategy"

              Of course, any prediction I would make with respect to timing the life-changing economic re-set I see coming would probably be wrong.  But unlike earthquake predictions, at least we have numbers we can follow -- and they all say the current economic system is under tremendous stress.

             Because I advise people to have the intelligence to accept the things they cannot change -- and the courage to change the things they can -- I advise my fellow warriors to focus on saving themselves as opposed to trying to save a hopelessly broken debt-based monetary system.  Thus, my attitude is this: what will be, will be ... and to let the system stress and eventually break down. 

             Me, one of the things I'll be going for is the V-12 LaFerrari with an 800 horse power engine and a top speed of 220 MPH.  Whooo hooo.

                  As a financial warrior, it's my view that what's happening right now is the most exciting economic battle of the past 100 years. And when it's over, the people that have paid attention to the trends and have positioned themselves correctly are going to be financially rewarded as well as anyone can be rewarded.

               If you do what I advise all warriors do -- which is to be nimble and correctly adjust to changing market conditions -- I suggest that before you go to bed at night you browse some Ferrari or Leer jet brochures. Pick out the one you want and try to guess when you'll be able to pick one up cheap when you are the only guy around with capital .... or maybe sailboats or Greek Islands are your thing.

The Most Exciting Economic Battle In 100 Years

          The Battle for Investment Survival:

​                           The Art Of War

                Three of the attributes that separate warriors from

average people is that they are highly ambitious, driven to be

the best that they can be, and they are willing to ferociously

fight for everything they want - and that includes their

engagements in the investment markets.  They enter the

investment arena with the necessary skills and preparation

so they can prevail through both good and bad markets --

through up-cycles and down-cycles.   And by changing their

positions when the trends change, these investment warriors are doing everything humanly possible to win and not lose. 

                It's my view that today's U.S. economy is sitting on highly unstable ground with two extremely powerful yet opposing forces pushing against each other from underneath.  One force is deflationary and the other force is inflationary -- and like two tectonic plates along a fault line, even though we seemingly have price stability at this time, there is a danger that the economy could slip into high deflation or high inflation very quickly. 

                In the Battle for Investment Survival, what investors need to know is that they need to be nimble and be prepared for both of those outcomes -- because either one is possible.

              An investor in today's world is forced to invest in one or all of the financial markets, a gladiatorial  arena of constantly shifting winners and losers. If you have capital to protect - or you want to increase it - you have no choice but to join the fight, or else be a battered victim.

                The ideal investment is one way for investors to fight the fight - or maybe even opt-out of the fight and leave the arena - and I'll tell you about it.

            Another way is to use market-timing strategies to shift capital quickly into rising trends and out of falling trends - which is the essence of successful investing.

            Would a general go into battle without the best strategies and weapons to win the fight? Not in a million years.

            In addition to real estate timing,  get prepared to learn about the best weapons and strategies I'm willing to share with you, all of which are designed to help you win "The Battle for Investment Survival During the Next 5-10 Years".

                      Here are four investment strategies that you would be wise to know about:

               1. 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar - Yours FREE with a 2-year subscription

               2. "The Best Investment Strategy I've Seen in 30 Years."

               3.  Sweet Chariot:  "How to Make High Returns in Real Estate - Without Tenants and Toilets."

                               4.  "Dare To Be Great Investment Strategy."


"The Battle for Investment Survival"

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