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Timing The

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             This MS Excel trend-following, market-timing program is an easy-to-use tool. 

It will turn you into a self-reliant, market connected and more successful investor.

             No need to guess about what will happen in the future … or listen to the crystal-ball forecasts from economists and experts.  That’s like spinning the roulette wheel.

             Instead, you’ll know when to get into the right asset classes at the right time – which is the essence of “Dare To Be Great Investment Strategy.”  Each month, simply plug in the key data identified in this report and then Presto! – the trend-following metrics are automatically updated for you, and you’ll know how to position yourself.

* The results shown in this report are hypothetical and are based on back-testing. 

   These results are not an indicator of future results.


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            In other words, if you want to be a great investor – you must be willing

to break away from the herd and employ strategies that can significantly dial up

your investment returns. 

            One of the easiest ways for the small investor to make superior returns
is to use strategies whose merits have not been discovered by other
small investors – and that’s what the “Dare To Be Great Investment Strategy"
is designed to do for you.

            Here’s what you are going to learn in this 27 page report:

            1.   A fully detailed trend-following, market timing strategy that can produce

                  high returns in a way that doesn’t equally expose you to risk.

            2.   An investment strategy that has averaged returns that are over 7% higher

                  on a per year basis as compared to a buy-and-hold strategy.*

            3.   An investment strategy that can produce 7% higher annual returns
                  together with 21% less market volatility and a 38% lower draw down on
                  equity than a buy-and-hold strategy.* 

           4.   The best place to concentrate your investment positions for maximum
                  upside growth. 



Mutual funds are propeller planes … the
Dare To Be Great Strategy is a fighter-jet.

   Dare To Be Great Investment Strategy

             Every once in a while I come across articles in the finance and business world

that really resonate with me. 

             This is how I felt after reading a 15-page client memo sent out in April 2014 by the brilliant billionaire investor Howard Marks, founder and chairman of Oaktree Capital Management. 

            He titled the memo “Dare To Be Great" and the message was this: If you are going to dare to be great as an investor – which means your goal is to achieve superior investment results – you have to dare to be different.