When to Buy... When to Sell.

Timing The

Real Estate Market

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By Robert M. Campbell,

Publisher of The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter

                         “The Best Investment Strategy

                             I’ve Seen in 30 Years”

There is only one side of the markets you
                                         should be invested in.  It's not the bull side
                                                 or the bear side -- it's the right side.

ar Fellow Investors:

                    Did the value of your real estate holdings get crushed during the

2006-2012 realestate collapse? 

                    Did the 40-45% crash of the stock market in 2000 and 2007 blow a hole in your 401(k) or IRA

                    If so, I'm going to show you a safer, more stable, and more profitable way to invest. 


                 It's a do-it-yourself investment strategy that can help you avoid most of the devastating (and scary) losses that occur during major market meltdowns .... while at the same time generating long-term returns that are 2% per year greater than the widely touted buy-and-hold method of investing.

                  The way to do this is through a brilliantly designed trend-following system the positions you in rising trends and takes you out of falling trends.  It's that simple.

                  The report I've prepared for you is 26 pages long, and here’s what you are going to learn:

                  1.   A fully detailed trend-following strategy that can generate higher returns than a

                      buy-and-hold strategy - and without the anxiety that most investors experience during major

                       market downturns. 

                  2.   A trend-following strategy that is easy to learn and implement – and requires only 30

                       minutes per month to update with the most current data.

                  3.   How this time-tested, reliable, and unemotional approach to investing your money will help

                       you protect your capital by avoiding the huge financial losses that have become so common                         with buy-and-hold investing.

4.   How to set-up and use this "all-weather" investment strategy on your own  -- so you can

                         make superior (and more stable) investment returns during both good times and bad.

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If you are interested in receiving this report titled “The Best Investment Strategy I’ve Seen in 30 Years” a  $145.00 value – I’ll give it to you FREE when you subscribe to The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter for two years. 

                                            You’ll also receive a FREE trend-following program
                                                     that automatically tracks the trends for you

This trend-tracking program is simple and easy-to-use -- so simple that even a little kid can use it.  It will turn you into a self-reliant, market-connected and more successful investor.

                     No need to guess about what will happen in the future … or listen to the crystal-ball forecasts from economists and experts.  That’s like spinning the roulette wheel.

                     Instead, you’ll know when to get into rising trends and when to get out of falling trends – which is the essence of successful investing.  Each month, simply plug in the key data identified in this report and then Presto! – the trends are automatically updated for you.

                    And when you know which way the trends are going, you’ll know which way prices in each of the five major asset classes are likely to go … and what you should do in response.