When to Buy... When to Sell.

Timing The

Real Estate Market


            Chuck Yeager, the first pilot to break the speed of sound, is flying from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico but starts to worry about the weather.

            Chuck radios to the control tower in Cabo for

a weather report.

            "Señor," asks a voice, "do you want the

two-peso weather report -- or do you want the

five-peso weather report?"

            Knowing that good weather information is critical to the safety of a flight, Chuck replies back "Hell, if you have one, I'd like a ten-peso report."

            Chuck Yeager is a very smart man.

            So was my Dad.  He would say "the products you get for half price are not the same products you get for full price."

            Yet everyday there are knuckle-head pilots flying in Mexico that would disagree with my Dad.

            And it is because of these knuckle-heads that Mexican control towers offer two-peso weather reports.

            How about you?

                                  With respect to today's real estate conditions ...

           "Is now a good time to buy ... or should you wait?"

            "Is now a good time to sell ... or are

housing prices going even higher?"

           1.   If you buy and the market is 

approaching a cyclical peak, you could suffer

severe losses. 

           2.  Or if you don't buy - or if you don't

sell when prices are getting ready to fall -

you could miss out on the opportunity

to cash in on (or not lose) some big profits.

           The stakes are clearly high for making the right buying and selling decisions.  As you can observe from the above chart, the long-term track record of my key market timing indicators speaks for itself.    

                                                       So What Will You Do? 

           Do you want the best information available on today's real estate market

... or do you want to roll the dice with cheaper and inferior data?  Or maybe you

want to escape the wretched realm of the free internet that is teeming with trolls

and misinformation?

           And if you get your information from Facebook I feel really bad for you.

           Do you want a two-peso real estate report - or do you want the five-peso


           To get the five-peso real estate report, send an email to Robert@RealEstateTiming.com to set up a consultation about today's market conditions.  My fee is $150 for an hour - or $95 for

30 minutes.  I have nothing to sell you but objective and evidence-based advice.

                          Thank you for consulting with me and my partners. We really appreciate

                          your candid feedback and expert opinion on things.  We will reach out to

                          meet again very soon.   A. Gueddar, San Diego, CA  (August 2017)

The above story was adapted from "A Two Peso Weather Report" by John R. Williams


"Señor, do you want a two-peso weather report ...

or a five-peso report?"