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         As a full-time investor and real estate rehabber, I have a busy schedule.  Trying to understand the economy and how to succeed in such uncertain economic times can be really confusing, and that is why I truly appreciate Robert Campbell for giving this seminar.

           Robert’s seminar was truly worth every dollar, and I even flew down from San Francisco to San Diego.  I love his direct and often humorous speaking style on the state of the economy and where we are going.

          In this world of confusing economic data where so called experts voice their opinions with a hidden agenda, Robert is quite refreshing. 

         This is a must go to seminar bar none on how to position yourself for success in these risky economic times.

Jeff W.
San Francisco


       Robert, this was a very informative seminar.  A true eye-opener.  I appreciate the time you take to help us prepare to survive a potential economic disaster.

Patty I
San Diego, CA

       If you are a serious investor, this is a MUST attend seminar.  Robert presents an investment strategy that does not have a bias like institutional money managers.

Steve H.
Orange County, CA

          Wow Robert!  A lot of great information!  I truly feel like I am on the cutting edge of what is going to happen in our markets in the next few years!

          I really liked your passion, your enthusiasm, excitement, and sincerity, how you taught us about the future of our economy, especially where, and where not to invest.

          You really cared about the audience fully understanding the financial mess that's looming ahead - and you gave us a strategy for navigating through it.

Sherri G
San Diego, CA

PS:  I really liked the fact that you never, ever, not even once, tried to sell us anything.  Quite honestly, I was shocked.  This was probably the first seminar I went to where I didn't feel like I was being sold something the entire time.  You are real, you care about your followers, and it shows.

       Robert Campbell lays out a compelling case to be prepared financially for “the coming economic storm.”

           He presents the facts so convincingly you will be riveted to your seat!  I highly recommend it.

Bill G
San Francisco, CA

      I have been following Robert Campbell for over 5 years.  Every one of analyses and/or warnings has come true.

         Fortunately, he has been 18-24 months ahead of the curve, so if you’re smart, you can plan accordingly.  Believe him!

Eg M
Venice, CA

      Every minute is packed with important information.  You are very passionate about the economy and the numbers – and I would go to your seminar every year.  Jan 2016 maybe?

          I also went to Robert’s seminar in 2005 and he saved me.  I sold my 7 properties, made a killing, and then watched everything collapse.

          I will always listen to and use Robert’s advice.  Thank you!

Jose R
San Diego, CA

       I have been following Robert Campbell for over a decade.  His Timing Letter newsletters always offer a fresh, interesting, and well-reasoned perspective.  He tells it like it is.

        Robert presents extremely relevant information and sums it up so a regular person (like me) can understand it.  His seminars are enlightening and fun.  I always look forward to them!

Marie K
Long Beach,
Great seminar Robert! 

       What I liked best about the seminar was the information and the energy of Robert Campbell.  He condenses his economic outlook into a fact-driven and easy-to-understand presentation.  He’s a straight shooter and very entertaining too.  I always love to see and hear him speak.
[Name withheld by request

        It was a sobering experience to hear the real facts.  Thanks Robert.

Brian P
San Francisco, CA

       Robert, I love your energy!  It gets me pumped up to make changes. 

         I just inherited about a million dollars in stocks and cash.  I am anxious to re-balance my portfolio using the strategy you presented.

Laura E.

​San Diego, CA

      This seminar was the best ROI on my investment ever!  Add Robert Campbell as the 7th asset class you should be investing in.

Lenska B
San Diego, CA

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"What People Say About Robert's Seminar."

      Wow Robert!  What great information!  I truly feel like I am on the cutting edge of what is going to happen to our markets over the next few years.

         I really like your passion, enthusiasm, excitement, and sincerity, and how you taught us about the future of our economy, especially where to invest, and where not to invest.

        You really care about our understanding the financial risks that loom ahead, and teaching us how to navigate through it.

        I feel certain that I will not lose money in the future, and I am planning to do what you suggest and make money.

Sherri G
San Diego, CA