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To order "How to Make High Returns in Real Estate -

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                             Also Included:  A FREE trend-following software program

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               This trend-tracking program is an easy-to-use tool.  It will turn you into a self-reliant, more market connected, and more successful real estate investor.

               No need to guess about next month’s real estate trends … or listen to the latest crystal ball forecasts from economists and experts.  That’s like spinning the roulette wheel.  Make more money in real estate by being your own expert with this trend-tracking program.

               You’ll know when to get into rising real estate trends and when to get out of falling trends. 

Each month, simply plug in the key REIT data identified in this report.  Then with the touch of a button, the trend of each market your are tracking will be automatically updated for you.

              This strategy is fast and easy to use.  By knowing which way the trends are moving, you’ll be three steps ahead of the ill-informed crowd and you’ll know how to make your own profitable buying and selling decisions.

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                                    An Average Return of 14.5% Per Year from 2001-2017

                                                              With No Leverage (Debt)

                I tested how a “Buy High, Sell Higher” market-timing strategy would have worked using

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) – which can be bought and sold with a telephone call or a click of a mouse.

              What the historical testing showed was this:  If you invested $10,000 in this strategy in June 2001, it would have grown to $33,150 in February 2017.  This calculates to a 14.5% average annual rate of return during that 16 year period – with no leverage (debt) used.

              Not only did the REIT market-timing strategy generate high risk-adjusted returns during the 2001-2017 time period – which was accomplished by avoiding most of the big losses that are incurred during real estate bear markets – but it’s so simple that anyone with an 8th grade understanding of mathematics can put it to use.

              It’s perfect for IRAs too because your funds are instantly liquid and you will be investing in REIT securities that can be bought and sold for only $7.00 per trade.

              To make the “Buy High, Sell Higher” REIT timing strategy – a $145.00 value – super easy for you to use, I’ve put it on an Excel spreadsheet.  This means the only thing you have to do is input two pieces of data each month – and Voila ! the spreadsheet automatically calculates whether you should buy, sell, or hold the REIT security you are invested in.

                                                          REITs vs. Physical Real Estate

               REITs are different from physical real estate because they are a liquid asset.  Both are a good place to position money when the trend is up -- however when the trend turns down, REITs are easy to sell but physical real estate is not. 

               Also different is the fact that physical real estate is usually purchased with a mortgage -- whereas REITs are not.  Yes, a mortgage works to your advantage when prices are rising -- but you have to be careful when prices are falling because an investor's equity is at greater risk because it has been LEVERAGED!

"How to Make High Returns in Real Estate - without Tenants and Toilets!"

  By Robert M. Campbell, 

    Publisher of The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter

                  If you think you’ve seen and heard everything about how to

make high returns in real estate, have I got a surprise for you.

               Would you like to know how to take advantage of real estate

price appreciation without spending a lot of time looking at, analyzing,

renting, and then managing properties?

               Would you like to know how to become a profitable real estate investor but you don’t want to deal with tenants, property maintenance, and the high costs of buying and selling properties that are typically associated with real estate transactions?

                If so, I’ve created a system for making money in real estate that is a different spin on the “Buy Low, Sell High” strategy that I present in my book Timing the Real Estate Market (Fourth Edition, 2011).

                The system was inspired by techniques Stan Weinstein described in his book Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets (1988) – in which he writes that the “blueprint” to successful investing can be as much about “Buying High and Selling Higher” as it is about buying low and selling high.

Timing The

Real Estate Market

When to Buy... When to Sell.