Timing The

Real Estate Market

                                             October 14, 2017 Seminar:

                      The Coming Economic Storm


                                The Next Big Play for Investors?

                Over 400 of my Timing Letter followers have attended one of my "Coming Economic Storm" seminars that I started giving in March 2015 - and my next seminar will be held on

October 14, 2017 at the La Jolla Marriott. Click here for details.

               To protect your wealth from a wide range of economic scenarios that include inflation, deflation, stagflation, and even high/hyper-inflation, I show my audiences how to move their money into - and out of - seven major asset classes (one of which are Real Estate Investment Trusts -

or "REITs") according to which way the trends are going.

               However because of the cyclical nature of markets, my research

shows that one of those asset classes could be positioned to make a major

move to the upside sometime soon - and you should therefore consider

over-weighting it in your "Coming Economic Storm" investment portfolio

when the timing is right. 

                                                                      Put Out a Bucket, Not a Thimble

               Just like buying real estate at market cycle bottoms, high profit/low risk investment opportunities like the one I'm going to present on October 14, 2017 don't come along very often. 

              But when they do - when profits are likely to come raining down - you might want to do what Warren Buffett suggests investors do:  "Put out a bucket, not a thimble."     

              The timing isn't right just yet - but it could happen real soon, so you have to be patient

and prepared.  I'll be showing the audience my analysis, charts and research - and I'll be very excited to do it.  

              Please know that I can't predict the distant future better than anyone else, but after doing my analysis, I'm more certain that this asset class will turn out to be a spectacular investment during the next 1 to 5 years.


NOTE:  If you have already attended one of my seminars, you can re-attend for $100.00 - however that fee does not include a one-year subscription to The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter.

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