When to Buy... When to Sell.

                Robert Campbell has been eating, sleeping, living and breathing real estate from the time he learned how to walk.

               The son of a successful San Diego home builder, he spent many                                                   hours as a youngster tagging along with his dad to the lumberyard, and                                                      later worked on his father’s construction sites to help pay his way                                                           through college.

                 But Robert quickly learned that there was far more to real estate                                                  than dirt, concrete, lumber and building materials. Early on, he learned                                                       that real estate markets are a lot like roller-coaster rides where spectacular

climbs are frequently followed by spectacular falls.

               Robert graduated from UCLA and started investing in real estate at age 24, borrowing $14,000 from his parents for the down payment on a 6-unit apartment house in San Diego. After doing some cosmetic repairs and raising the rents, he sold the property for an $11,000 profit one year later.  He was hooked for life.

                                                     Real Estate Accomplishments

               Robert Campbell has had a multifaceted 46-year real estate career that includes:

  1.  As a real estate investor, he has bought and sold over 40 rental properties.

  2.  As a real estate developer, he has built over 50 homes and apartment units.

  3.  As a California real estate broker (licensed in 1976), he handled the sales and

       mortgage financing for hundreds of clients.

  4.  As a real estate advisor, he has been publishing "The Campbell Real Estate

       Timing Letter" since 2002.    Click Here to see sample copy.

  5.  As a university lecturer, Robert Campbell spoke at the University of San Diego.

       Academic Note:Timing the Real Estate Market was used byProfessor Elaine         Worzala in her graduate class on real estate investment


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                                              OR SHOULD YOU SELL? 

                A seasoned veteran of both good and bad real estate cycles,  Robert Campbell has experienced many more successes than losses. Ironically, it was his biggest real estate “mistake” that inspired him to write this book.

              Because he believes that “avoiding disaster” is one of the true secrets for achieving lasting, long-term prosperity -- and because of his hard-won experiences, market observations, education, and analytical expertise -- Robert has created The Campbell Method  for tracking trends to buy and sell. This revolutionary approach to  timing the real estate market not only provides you with the tools to survive the real estate roller-coaster ride, but it also presents a clearly defined method for achieving maximum profit.

              With respect to investing in the markets –

which includes real estate – Robert believes that a

“data-driven trend following system” is the best

solution for making superior investment decisions.

            You should play the real estate game the

same way that a highly skilled card-counter plays

the game of Blackjack:  make sure the odds are with

you, and not against you. In other words, be the casino - not the gambler.

              Mr. Campbell earned a BA in Economics from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1969 and an M.B.A. in Real Estate Finance from San Diego State University in 1974.


            Robert loves to stay active - both physically and mentally. 

            His hobbies include:

                   (1) working out six days a week to stay as strong, lean, and physically fit as possible

                   (2) using the timing system he developed, which he calls "Hit The Burners and Go,"

to trade the stock market for short-term profits.

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