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Timing The

Real Estate Market

            I call this plan “The Best Investment Strategy I’ve Seen in 30 Years” – and in my mind it’s the best possible plan you can execute relative to the risks going forward.


            Seminar date is March 25, 2107.   Seating is limited to 50 people.  Price:  $195.00

Place: Hotel Marriott, 4240 La Jolla Village Drive, La Jolla, California  92037. Time: 8:00 AM – 12:00 Noon.

ENROLL TODAY and learn how to protect yourself from being battered before the big storm hits.

            I'm well aware that there is a great
temptation to do nothing and hope that “Maybe it

won’t be so bad – and maybe I can live with it.” 

This will undoubtedly be the prevailing view of most people – that the crash will be "tolerable."  

            But the question is whether you want to
make a pre-emptive effort to create a life that is far
better than tolerable – and possibly even improved – while the opportunity for doing so still exists.

Should you attend this seminar?

The $195.00 fee includes the following:

            1.  FREE 1 Year Subscription to The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter(a $135 value)

            2.  A FREE 27-page report on The Best Investment Strategy I’ve Seen in 30 Years – which includes an easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet for tracking the key asset classes you need to focus on (a $145 value).

Here are a few of the things you'll learn at the seminar:

            1.  The current state of the U.S. housing markets – and why it may be poised for another 2006-2010 collapse.

            2.  Why the economy has to experience another Great Depression before it can get better – and how to avoid becoming a victim. 

            3.  What the problem is – and the futility of worrying about it or trying to “fix” it.

            4.  Why your vote – and the politicians you elect – won’t save you – and why you should instead focus on saving yourself.

            5.  Why the U.S. is currently like a car speeding 100 MPH heading toward a brick wall.

            6.  A proven strategy to correctly prepare for what’s happening, as it’s happening – without any personal bias as to whether we’ll experience inflation, deflation, stagflation or even borderline hyper-inflation.

           7. The three laws of investment success – and why your future prosperity will revolve around being flexible, open-minded, and a willingness to do what the key asset markets are telling you to do.

            Where should you be investing your money?


           That's why I'm giving this seminar. 

            For $195, I’m putting on a 4 hour event that will show you how to survive financially from what’s coming.  You learn how to strategically move your money into the right asset classes at the right time – to make money instead of losing it when the U.S. economy and its markets break down again. 


What's an investor to do?

Dear Fellow Investors:

            These are dangerous economic times – and astute Americans are slowly becoming aware that the U.S. economic system has changed. Something just isn’t right – and it feels like we may be falling into something big, deep, and unstoppable.


            Whats the problem?

            The U.S. national debt is now $18 trillion -- doubling in the last 6 years! – and it’s going up by $1 trillion per year.  Even worse, unfunded government promises for Social Security, Medicare, and Public Pensions now stand at $100-$200 trillion.


            Folks, debts and unfunded promises that can’t be paid – won’t be paid.  Step one is understanding what the problem is.  The next step is to devise an intelligent strategy for addressing it.


            We all went through the 2006-2008 financial collapse and know how badly it ended.  The average American’s net worth is down 30% since 2007 – even after a 3 year rebound in real estate prices and a monster bull market in stocks.


            It’s my view that the next financial downturn will likely be even more devastating than the last.  Why?  Because nothing has been fixed – and the amount of debt, and derivatives and leverage in the system has increased substantially.  We are in the final stages of a broke society– a society that keeps kicking the can down the road to avoid the economic re-set that is looming and will surely come.

            If you step back and take an objective look at the situation, you’ll find that it’s mathematically impossible to come up with an easy way out.   Whether we inflate these obligations away - or default on them – either economic scenario can be devastating to your financial well-being if you are not invested for the right outcome.  That's why it's critical that you have a plan-of-action to get it right. 


         My March 25, 2107 seminar will do this for you: 

         1.  Make you aware of data that supports my outlook;

         2.  Present you with a dynamic strategy that can successfully navigate the economic storm that lies ahead.

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By Robert Campbell,

Publisher of The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter

"Storm Warning Ahead: 

Why and how you should you be investing your money"