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As documented in my report, there is powerful evidence suggesting we could expect a severe business-
cycle downturn before 2015-2017. If I am right, it will more like a 1930s type of
economic event – and one that
could mark the climax of a major phase of history that began in the early 1970s.

 The major turning points in long-term economic cycles can be a difficult subject to understand. Most 
people get bogged down in the eddies and turbulence of the river – but it’s my hope that this report will help you
climb to a high vantage point and view what’s likely coming from the mountain-top.

Storm Warning Ahead…and the Ideal Investment that will best profit from it!

By Robert M. Campbell, 

Publisher of The Campbell Real Estate Timing Letter

With a $18 trillion national debt, with $100-$200T
of unfunded entitlement obligations, and with the national
debt going up over $1T per year, there is an ongoing
financial crisis in this country that many experts claim can never be paid. Or can it?

​ To answer this question, I have just finished
writing a 126 page research report titled "The Ideal
Investment for the Coming Financial Crisis" – a $145.00
value – a report that took me four years to compile and