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                                Robert Campbell Interview on

                                    Housing Booms and Busts

               The hardest part of being a superior real estate investor isn't staying invested during the boom.  It's avoiding the bust that follows.

               The chart below was created by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas -- and it shows real housing prices (i.e. adjusted for inflation) in both the U.S. and Canada from 1975-2016. 


               If we focus on the Canadian housing market and the trajectory that home prices

have taken since 2001, it is glaringly obvious that this current price move is far more extreme than the two previous booms shown on the chart.   

               As what happened in the aftermath of the 1996 to 2006 U.S. housing market bubble, the next downturn in Canadian housing prices will likely be proportionate to the binge that preceded it.

               How far will U.S. and Canadian housing prices fall during their next busts?   

               Click here to hear what my thoughts are in this 15 minute interview. 


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