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                                   [This is my best testimonial letter ever]

               This testimonial letter is from Sandra J. in San Diego, CA -- who is one of my long-term Timing Letter subscribers.  [Emphasis is mine]


August 2, 2016

Dear Robert,

               At your last seminar in La Jolla, we had never met before so I introduced myself and told you how much money I made in real estate by following your advice.  After hearing my story, you asked if I would write you a testimonial letter that you could post on your website - so here it is.   

               As a long-time subscriber to his Timing Letter, I wanted to record for posterity the truly exceptional nature of the prognostications that Robert Campbell has given his followers.    

               To put it bluntly,  Mr. Campbell helped me make a $470,000 real estate profit in 2005 ($250,000 tax free) when he sent me (and I assume the rest of his subscribers) a 3 x 5 postcard that said “Sell” your San Diego real estate. 

               Robert said that prices had peaked for this cycle – and will now move lower.

                                                  He was so right.

               The sell signal in 2005 at the absolute top of the San Diego housing market was amazing. 
I bought my home for for $390,000 in 2001 and sold it for $860,000 in 2005.

               I rented for five years, and then I paid $510,000 for a similar home in the same area (Carmel Valley).  
                                      That was $350,000 less than

                                                      I sold for in 2005.

               Those people who are subscribers will read this and nod their heads in agreement, but this is written for people who might not know about Mr. Campbell and lost a lot of money during the 2005-2010 real estate crash. 

               I am writing this so if you are one of those who DON’T know any better and who have seen the events of the last ten years pass you by or leave you watching from the sidelines, unsure of whether to buy or sell, baffled by what is going on or why real estate prices are moving like they are, or most importantly how to position yourself to profit and not lose your shirt … well then this testimonial letter is for you.

               And most importantly …

                                             Campbell’s Timing Model tells you
                                        what’s going to happen AHEAD OF TIME.

               To put it bluntly, if you missed out on his timing signals to buy and sell, it isn’t your fault -- you’ve just been listening to, or subscribing to, the wrong people. 

               At $135 per year, I think Campbell’s Timing Letter is the best damn value there is.  

               See for yourself.

               At the peak of the San Diego housing market in 2005, real estate “analysts” were still calling for higher prices. 

                                          So how did that advice work out for you?

               Then a year or two later these same "analysts" were telling everybody the San Diego housing market topped out in 2005 – you know, AFTER IT ALREADY HAPPENED.

               They augmented their analysis with a lot of numbers and charts showing prices falling but none of it did you a damn bit of good because all of it was just written with 20/20 hindsight.

               I humbly suggest you find an analyst like Campbell (a trend-follower) with the skill and foresight and the balls to call the action BEFORE it happens.  

                                              A Single Mom with Two Teenage Kids

               I’m just a single mom with two teenage kids – and I admit I don’t know much about investing.  But I do know that good advice is hard to come by – so my advice to you is to give Mr. Campbell a try.

Sandra J.

San Diego, CA